Blog #17

Everything is going well. Time really flies! I cant believe this is the last blog . I finally decided to use composition 3 and composition 4. I have to admit these two compositions are my favorite . The issues I am coming across is based off of composition 3 . I’m having a difficult time . The reason why I am having a difficult time is because I have to edit my video on an apple computer. I have a dell. Considering this, I’ll have to borrow my friends computer in order to make adjustments. The techniques or skills I will be using are my computer/technology skills. I hope everything comes out well. I am working hard to make sure my portfolio comes out great . As for composition 4 I am currently making a few changes and adjustments. Overall, I will try my best and not stress so much . I actually like blogging . This was a new and great experience . As I get to the end I realize how this was very helpful. Blogging helped me to express and develop new ideas in order to enhance all of my compositions .


Blog #16

My portfolio is going well. The issues I am coming across is picking the colors I want for my words based off of my billboard. I want my words to stand out but I do not want the letters to be bright. I will be very cautious of the specific color I will choose for my billboard. Right now I am looking into the color pink. I am going to change my font because I feel like if my words are more clear and bold individuals will see it as a real billboard. The technique and skills I will use are my creative and artistic skills. Overall, everything is going alright. In addition, currently I am not having problems with composition 4.

Blog #15

My revision plan for my portfolio is to edit both of my compositions by fixing all of my mistakes. In composition 2 I plan on fixing my billboard poster. I am going to change my font, size, and color of my words. The reason why is because I need my words to stand out. If my words are bright and bold they will stand out. After editing this specific part of my composition many individuals will grasp the concept of my company. Also I am going to add more pictures to show the places that my company will explore in order for people to get a better understanding. My revision plan for composition 4 is fixing all of my minor mistakes. I will be more specific and add more evidence to be clear.

Blog #14

The two compositions I am considering revising for my portfolio is composition 2 and 4. The reason why I chose these two compositions is because I believe that if I revise both the outcome of my work will be beautiful . For composition 2 I have to edit and change a few things on my poster . Also for composition 4 I love my topic and it is really engaging to me as well as it is to my audience.  That is why I am considering revising composition 2 and 4.

Blog #13

The new research I am finding in this form is the major facts of effects based on abusive relationships leading to mental abuse . The effects of mental disorders in my new research gets further into detail. Also the information is easier to comprehend . The old research isn’t working because it wasn’t as detailed . To explain, I needed a lot of information in order to prove my point . Considering this, my old research did not provide a lot of evidence . The research is actually changing . The reason why the research is changing is because I have found more examples that is the main effect of abusive relationships leading to mental disorders.  My thought process as a composer in a different medium finding support is making sure I back up my points. This is most important to me because without support my composition will be weak . There has to be a firm foundation. Once I have a firm foundation this is where my composition is being build upon based on research.

Blog #12

The major shifts I am making in my composition in light of what I reflected on in blog 11 is formatting my essay in a structural way . I am going about shifting into a written form and making my argument this way by setting a firm foundation based off of a strong central claim . In order to have a strong composition I have to have a strong claim therefore I am organizing my composition in a specific way . The similarities and differences I am coming across is that I have to be more detailed in my composition to prove my point . I am having a difficult time forming my central claim . The easiness I am coming across is writing about my topic because It means a lot to me based off of my friends experience.

Blog #11

My argument in composition 4 , which is in written form is Abusive relationships can lead to mental disorders. My audience are teenagers and adults . The reason why I have selected this specific audience is because around this stage in life many individuals start to date and meet their significant other. This is different than composition 3 because my composition 4 will not be a visual explanation as to how an abusive relationship can lead to a mental disorder. Instead my composition 4 will be explaining the different types of mental disorders that are caused from abusive relationships. The message is shifting because my audience will have a more precise idea of what negative affects it has on many individuals lives based on the mental disorders.